Food is Medicine

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art
— François De La Rochefoucauld
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Meal With Six Tastes

Eating with 6 tastes is like having a party in your mouth… Ayurveda has established that when all six tastes or Rasas are balanced, we lose cravings. The six tastes are Sweet, Sour, Salty, Pungent, Bitter and Astringent. This ancient science has understood and defined the properties and effects of food on the human body and mind.


Tri-Dosha Tea with Cumin, Coriander and Fennel

Ideal for balancing the Doshas, this tea is also used for lactation, as well as a diuretic for stimulating the kidneys and reducing cholesterol. Coriander is a most effective diuretic and it’s anti-bacterial properties aid in combating allergies. In parts of India, it is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties and in the treatment of ulcers. Cumin is a cooling spice and is known as the “seeds of good digestion”. The oil extracted from the seeds has a stimulatory effect on the immune system and helps in combating infections. Cumin is known to help flush toxins out of the body and provide iron for energy in addition to being a strong antioxidant. Fennel seeds are a cooling spice and it's unique combination of nutrients make it a powerful antioxidant. A gentle herb that can stimulate your digestive fire and help cure stomach complaints and is extremely good for digestion.

1 tsp each of Cumin, Coriander and Fennel plus 3 cups of Water

Cook the spices in water . Bring to a rolling boil then lower heat and let it simmer for 20 -30 minutes. Strain and drink.


Cooling Khichadi - Salty & Sweet

Summer is the time to eat lightly and detox the system. Ayurveda recommends KHICHADI at the very core of nutritional healing.

½ cup Basmati Rice, ½ cup Mung Dal, 2 cups Zucchini, 2 Tbsp Ghee, 1 tsp Cumin Seeds, 2 Bay leaves, 4 Peppercorns, 1 tsp grated ginger, ½ tsp Turmeric, ½ tsp Salt, 5 to 6 cups of Water, 2 Tbsp Coriander leaves for garnish

Wash the rice and dal thoroughly. Warm the ghee in a medium saucepan. Add cumin seeds, bay leaves and peppercorns until the spices are fragrant. Stir in turmeric, the washed Rice and Dal. Add salt, ginger and then the water. Simmer covered over medium heat until the mixture becomes soft, about 30 minutes. Wash and dice vegetables. Add to the rice and dal, cook for another 15 minutes. Garnish fresh coriander and serve. People with too much Pitta should not use black pepper and add extra coriander. Serve with pickled ginger and sweet lemon pickle and a cup of plain or cucumber yogurt.

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Carrots with ginger and Dill - Sweet & Pungent

Dice 4 carrots into 1 cm pieces

Grated ginger 1 tsp

Sliced ginger 1 inch for garnish finely sliced into (thousand cut)

Salt to taste

Oil 2 Tbsp

Heat the oil add grated ginger. Now add the carrots and cover the pot for 6- 8 minutes. Uncover and cook the carrots until lightly crunchy.

Garnish with Dill and sliced ginger.

Green Beans.jpg

String Beans with SESAME - Astringent

2 Cups of finely sliced String Beans, 1 Tbsp white sesame seeds

1 tsp black sesame seeds for garnish, 2 tsp of Sesame Oil

1 tsp of Regular Vegetable oil, 1Tbsp of Coconut grated

Salt and Pepper to taste

Heat the oil. Then the white sesame seeds. Add the beans and cook for a few minutes until the color turns bright green. Do Not cover. The beans should be crunchy. Garnish with grated coconut

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Yogurt with cucumber and minT - SOUR & Astringent

Plain Yogurt whisked until smooth.

1/2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp salt

1 tsp dried mint, fresh crushed black pepper

Mix the above ingredients.

Finely dice 1 cucumber and add to the mixed yogurt.

Garnish with fresh mint and dried roasted cumin powder.

Coriander and Mint Chutney.jpg

Coriander Mint Chutney - Sour & Astringent

1Bunch each of fresh Mint and Cilantro,

2 tbsps each of fresh Lime juice and Lemon juice

1 tsp each of Salt and Sugar

1 small diced Onion

1 and a half Green chilies, diced.

In a blender pour the lemon and lime juice add salt & sugar, green chilies, onion and the washed leaves & stems of coriander and mint. Blend until the mixture is smooth. Store in a 8 oz. jar. This should keep for at least 2 weeks.


Beetroot SalaD - Sweet & Salty

Beetroots - 2 medium sized or 4 small

Salt - 1 tsp, Vegetable Oil - 2 tbsps

Peanuts - 2 Tbsps crushed, Curry leaves - 10

Mustard Seeds - 1 Tbsp, Whole Red Chilies - 2

The beets should be peeled, sliced and then diced into tiny pieces approximately 2mm. In a nonstick pan add oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, whole red chilies and sauté for about two minutes until the seeds pop. Now add the beetroot and cook until ready but crunchy. Garnish with crushed peanuts.

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Sautéed Super Food Greens - Bitter & pungent

Olive Oil

Super Food Greens

Crushed garlic clove

Finely diced red onion

Garnish with chopped coriander

Salt and Pepper to taste

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Just as every snowflake is unique in shape and form, every human has their own blue print. It’s like a map of the body that is made up of an infinite variety of shapes, behaviors emotions and appearances.
— Chef Johnny Brannigan